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Why So Serious?

August 2008



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Why So Serious?

long time no see....

i know i haven't posted in like... oo... FOREVER... lol.. but i don't own a computer and i had finals and shit like that. plus i got started on myspace.com so if anybody wishes to check me out over there they can. If u go there u can see what i look like... lol.

Anywayz, prom rocked HARD... lol... it was TOOONNSSS of fun.

I graduated and got my phone taken away from me about... o... i don't know 20? times since then for stupid little things that just go that much more to show u how much of an asshole my dad is. and everytime he gets pissed my mom blams ME for it, no matter what it was about. So, yea, TONS of fun.

I started college at UTPA. i started summer II in July and enrolled again in august. it's pretty cool, i have no complaints in that area. GOT TO GO!!!!! LATERZ... CLASS STARTED


hey, wow! I haven't been on livejournal in forever! Just wanted to say hi! Glad that Prom went so well! Hope your christmas was good! ttyl maybe!
hey girl!!!! wuz up??? how u been lately?
hey girl.. i haven't been on in forever either.. i've been using myspace but that place has gotten soooo boring!!! i mean u see the same garbage day after day it's like there's never anything new and interesting to look at soooo.. i decided to renew my livejournal lol i missed it... it was the only thing that kept me sane :p