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Why So Serious?

August 2008



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Why So Serious?

1st day at Options.............

today wasn't bad... hmm... i kinda had fun, except at lunch.... I MISSED U ANNERZ!!!!!!!! tearz....... much luv!

i didn't know that Diana Beagle and Maribel Martinez, well.. Guerrero now, went there... i found out stuff about their baby(besides it being a girl).... TEARZ!!!! POOR THEM!!!

G2G, computer class at the library is gonna start and i wanna go home. all i gotta do to finish my english 3 class is do 2 reports, they gave me the class twice. i should be done by the end of the week. and I should be done with spanish either tomarrow or the day after. HOW COOL!!!

I LOVE THAT SCHOOL!!!!!!!! hm... i don't know if i want to go back to Rowe now.... lol... except to see my friends of course.

O... this guy there likes me... i'm in "LOVE" wit my ALG 2 teach... and.... i can't remember what else... talk 2 u guys later....



Aii...I sort of wish i had gone with you....i'm totally freaked out about my statistics class..with that guy there. UGH.
You need to totally come back tho...cause it's weird without you.
If you need help finishing the reports call me....by the way i called you back and you didn't answer.
I miss you....kesh skipped her stats class and i skipped aides and we went to the library....we were talking about you LMAO. All losers!
I have to go my cousin is bad....oi vai.
OH yea and when do you think you'll be able to come back? YOU NEED TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
i don't know WHEN i'll come back BUT i'm almost done with a couple of my classes....
You need to come back ASAP!!!!!!
I will... but if i'm almost done with all my classes by the time i finish BCIS well... then i dont know WHAT i'll do... the temptation!!!! lol!!
ahhhh if you see them again tell them i say hi...and if joey says whos joanna tell him he better be joking. LOL..
it turns out that i have him for English 3, well.. one of the classes... I STILLL CAN'T BELIEVE THEY GAVE ME 2!!!!! GGGRRRYYYY!!!!
he got chubby... well, chubbier... lol...
i wish u'd come with me too!!!! Lunch was ssssooooo boring yesterday!!! i didn't know that diana and maribel were here OR that they knew i was here until lunch was over and class started... TEARS!!! I WAS SOOO BORED!!!! Dude, if u need me to punch out that guy for u let me know and i'll sneak out of here for a day... lol!! I have 2 or 3 reports to do b4 i finish English 3(they gave me the class twice!!! GGGRRR!!!!) and i'm gonna start one of them today if u want to help me... lol.. o, i saw this morning that u called it's just that i was REALLY tired yesterday and i fell asleep at, like, 8:30 or 9... lol!!! and LOOK when u guys FINALLY descide to skip... when i'm NOT there to go with.... sheesh... yeah.. w/e... i feel the love.. lmao!!! i bet i can guess what u guys were saying about me... *sigh* i wish i was liliana... she's soooo coool... i'm so jealous that she's making better grades than me over there at options and she's probably gonna be able to graduate b4 US!!! *sigh* she's so smart and funny and cool... *looks up* DAMN U!!!! Y COULDN'T WE HAVE BEEN HER!!!!!! LMAO!!!! yup yup yup... that' what u guys were saying... no no no... don't try to deny it.. i know u guys too well... LMAO!!!! well, gotz to go.. i'm in the english class and i'm gonna c if he'll let me print the info. i found yesterday on my book... ugh.. i HATE book reports... i have to do 3!!!! of them.... TEARS OF SADNESS, DESPAIR, AND major DESPERATION!!!!!!!! LMAO!!! bye...
DUde whatever....I like the A's and B's i get in regular school. LOL
3 reports....reports are easy but i wonder if the teacher will grade them harshly. Hmm...oh and when are they due....so i can pencil you in. LOL.
I've had to many projects but i'm almost finished.
And yea i called you last night I was like ooooo lily is on the phone. LOL
Anywho.....wish us luck for contest tomorrow. BYE!!!!
yeah.. sure.. U got the As and Bs in regular school... lol... i don't think he'll grade my reports harshly... O!! and i'm now down to 2 reports 'cause he let me take one of those AR tests, remember from elementry(accelerated reading), i got an 85 so that covered the report. now i only have 2. 1 of them's not really a report it's just 3 things for one grade, but i call it a report 'cause to me it's the same thing. i have to a summery of the crucible, an opinion paper, and a "newspaper" article... weirdness this school... lmao!!! these are at my own pace so i can finish them whenever but to me the sooner the better that way when i get back to rowe i don't have to take the damn classes anymore... lol... wat projects do u have to do? we can help each other since the teacherz rnt in a hurry to get mine. DUDE!!! u know that guys i was talking about in the post...? well, he asked for my aim sn and he's gonna talk 2 me... hmm.. diana said he's okay SHE just doesn't like him... i think he said shit about her... o well, laterz.
hey liianna this is billy its been along time since i heard from you whats goin on? I wish i could call you sometime... bjenkins778@msn.com hit me up at my e-mail
hey billy!!!!
glad to hear from you... may i have ur picture again send it to my e-mail if u can