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Why So Serious?

August 2008



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As Leeny would say....... *sobs* CRY ME A RIVERRRRR!!!!!!!!1

TEARS OF SAADDDNNESSSSS!!!!!!!1 I met this MAJOR hottie yesterday!!!!!!!1
mmmmm-mmmmmmm!!! but he is cute.... lol.....!!!!!!

His name's miguel... he used to go to Memorial... then he went to Science Acadamy(he got out after a semester, i think, b/c (and i quote)"it was from 830 to 5 and the teachers gave to tons of assignments to do at home...") lol.. he got into UT Austin... I think u have to b really smart to get into that school... but that's just me... lol... and.... what else... O YEAH!!! he wants to major in business and he wants to be a CEO of a company so u know he's got a goal... i admire that....

it was kinda funny at first, when we met, bc he asked me where i was from and i said, "Rowe" and he kept thinking i said ROME!!!! LOL!!!! it was SOOO cute... he kept asking me the same question and hearing the samething but he finally understood... lol... i can understand how he'd here that though...they kinda sound the same... lol... but the jerk at the comp next to me, on the otherside(he was new too), HE LAUGHED!!!!! UGHH!!!! i think that was sooo RUDE!!! I felt like glaring at him but then miguel was talking to me again so i didn't get a chance to say anything.....

Hey... do i look Dominican Republic???!
He asked me if i was Hispanic and i said yes and he goes, "U R?" i was like, "Yeah..." and he goes, "O, it's cause u look like ur Dominican Republic... i have some friends from there...(me: he said something like that)"
He kept talking to me some more but i was kinda busy working on my BCIS shit that i was kinda half listening to him... i mean, i would respond and everything but i wouldn't really talk to him but it's cool cause he would still talk to me... we didn't even learn each others names until i had to leave... i was like,"well, it was nice to meet you" and he holds out his hand saying "U too, my name's miguel" i tell him my name and he goes "Adriana?" and i repeat it and he repeats it and ooooo... we had a moment.....!!!!! lol... jk...

Wellz, i got to go bc leeny finished her essay and is impatient to go to panda's and get Chinease... HI LEENY!!!!!! I KNOW UR READING THIS OVER MY SHOULDER SO I DIDN'T FORGET U EITHER!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, bye guyz!!!! i'll tell u the rest laterz.......



Whos leeny you are not talking about me are you??
lol... i knew that... but.. uh..*clears throat* what had u said about leeny again..??? LMAO!!!! sorry... i forgot.......
no, not u... u weren't standing behind me... lol... JASLEN!!! 'member her??
Yeah I remember her im not that dumb
i didn't say u were.... but now i do... lol....
That not that very funny
it is to me.... LMAO!!!!1
Where have you been lately???
ME??!!! where have YOU been??!!! u told me not to call until u told me and i'm still here waiting... whats up with ur phone?
I meant the emailing me writng me letters im getting a new phone so u have to be paitent about that.
When are u going to get it so i can tell obbey the next time i talk to him? i'll send u one later AND i was waiting for U to reply to me...
Soon I hope anyways you have to send me some picutures ok?? of robert
LOL...hello most of us....ME have known about this for about a week now....move along with the NOW stuff.
What about asking him to bowling?
Did you find out if he is single?
Are you giving him your phone number?
Anywho...i'm out...my man calls..LOL :p
Lol... nvm my first post... i thought u were talkin' to ME..... lol!!!!!!

I know that U know and that KESHIA knows, who can't read my journal anymore by the way, BUT the REST of my journal friends don't know!! lol...
A's to ur Q's:
1)No, i haven't had a chance... and he DID get out of that class so now i don't see him b/c they got ME out of that class i was in that period i ran into him.... *sigh* we'll see if i get to see him after this period... which ends in about 9!!! minutes!!!! UGH!!! I'm nervous and i have butterflys... lol....
3)NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!! i'm nervous... should i??!! do u think he'll even WANT it?? do u think he'd call me??!!!!
UGH!!!!!! Now i'm nervous all over again.... lol!!! call me laterz!!

This is more or less what dominican republicans look like... Do i REALLY look like them??!